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Saturday, August 07, 2004
Can anyone help?
Having read Sharon's last post, one will feel her desparation and boredom.

Though it looks as if our relocation has been nothing but smooth; some folks even say that we are on a permanent vacation, there are some things that really affected us.

  • My working hours from 2pm to 11pm PST (Singapore 5am-2pm) somehow make a 24-hour day into a 16-hour day.

    Though it's just a five minutes walk from my office back to my house and vice versa, when i get back home, Sharon's almost reaching her waking limits.

    At times, it's like i come home and go straight to bed. Waking up at about 7-8am means that there's nothing much else i can do either, in terms of socializing (see next point) and going around.

    I think the only advantage i can have of from my working hours is that i get to use the Pro Club gym within the hours of 8-11am, which is relatively empty. I tried a session at the peak hours of 6-7pm, and boy was it crowded!

  • Friends, or the lackthereof
    It has not affected me that much yet, as i'm still making full use of the internet age to keep connected with all my friends and colleagues all around the world.

    For Sharon to be cooped up at home the whole day (and every work day), it's a lot more worse. There is a need to start expanding our social circle here!

  • Family, or the lackthereof
    There's probably nothing much we can do to improve this point here.

  • Going around
    Having got the driving licence, and the generally friendly and courteous drivers in this area, the only problem now is being able to go from one point to another (new) point.

    Sometimes, i got confused with the lanes/turning limitations and get stuck in a lane onto the highway, and not knowing where to go! This weekend has been a blessing though, as i was able to go from point to point easily.

There's a MSN Group which has a lot of folks that are in similar situations like us, i.e. having relocated to Redmond. We're going to attend a Salsa Dance class that is organized by them. Hopefully that will be the start of something good.

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what Sharon can do here, feel free to contact her or myself directly.

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At 2:08 AM, Blogger stormyash

I can totally empathise with Sharon's sense of aimlessness and desperation cos I was in her position before (btw, interesting write-ups on "pennies wise, pounds foolish" :) It is hard to keep the spirits up, but don't give up looking for something that may potentially fulfil your needs and your hours ;)

Hey, being a bilingual Chinese, how about giving Mandarin tuition? Jus a thot. Or something that could put your race TO your advantage, instead of AGAINST it. Like teaching Chinese cooking (yah right). Anyway, just my 2 cts worth.