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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
What a weekend! Pt 3
We had quite a meal in a nice little restaurant at Portland, a quick java fix at Coffee People, and yet another meal at Dmitry Gryaznov's house. He made some BBQ ribs, BBQ prawns and his wife made some delicious Russian salads. We also found out that there might be a demand for someone with technical computer knowledge and good language skills in Russian and Chinese. I wonder if i can start to think about learning Russian?

I've actually read some of his papers a few years ago, even before i got my last job in Singapore. It's really cool that my current job (including my last job in Singapore) allows me the luxury of meeting the virus researchers that i used to only come across in research papers, Usenet postings and online articles. The best thing about it is that most of them are really nice and friendly. 8)

Dmitry shared some of his insights about some past virus outbreaks, his own projects and computer technology in general. His experience and knowledge showed through our discussions.

Not bad for a weekend holiday trip?!
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