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Tuesday, July 06, 2004
What a weekend! Pt 2

Fireworks Posted by Hello

From there, we went ahead on our way south to Vancouver, Washington, to watch the 42nd Annual Vancouver USA 4th July Fireworks Spectacular. Indeed it was a thirty minutes fireworks spectacular display! If only the sound system was able to provide better song selection to accompany the display. I've captured some of the displays using my digital camera

It was heartening to watch and listen to the whole 60,000 crowd singing in unison a patriotic song, but the show was, in my opinion, disrupted by numerous playing of the Star Wars theme song, and worse, Disney movie songs! I think the small kid behind us said it the best at the end, "is that it?".

Perhaps i got too used to displays of communal singing of national (campaign) songs, national anthem etc.
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