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Saturday, July 03, 2004
Did a 14 hour workday yesterday. Early in the morning i was invited to join a tour of a vendor site, and found that things that i used to do in Xerox many years ago are still being shown as "cool" and "next-generation".

Extracting data from layout and getting it translated, and reimporting the data back into the layout is something i think my former colleagues at Xerox would remember 8). It was also another opportunity to meet up with Woan.

The normal workday went about fine, as we were slowing down to the long holiday weekend ahead, until the Murphy's Law struck! A showstopper was found and all hell broke loose! Suddenly, we got colleagues from all levels and divisions contacting both Steve and myself.

With a quick turnaround, a re-release was in the works. Murphy's Law persisted in us having to endure i think the longest ever duplication of media.

I hope the teams involved would be happy to know that everything ended well enough, at about 230am. Damm i'm tired......
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