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Monday, July 26, 2004
People that makes you go mmmmmmmm...
Having just heard an oldie "Things that make you go mmm" by C+C Music Factory, and i started to wonder about how certain people with their lack of general skillsets are allowed to exist in the organization, while others that have proven their mettle were left go at a whim.

Interacted with one fella, aka "stoneageboy", that did not dare to make use of good proven technologies within, and used good old ducttape to do his work, wasting hours of his and our time. I want to start pushing for some advanced stuff already!

Later on, with folks long ago met. With so many open issues and fundamental concerns not even considered, "defensiveboy", with his lack of interpersonal skills, used the weakest of analogies, and egoistic thinking of his, to try to stomp through.

These are the people that makes you wonder whether the recruitment practicies or standards have been lowered. At least they do not waste their time (i hope) on useless activities.
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