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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Job Hunting Continues...
It's extremely difficult to find a job here. After sending more than 30 resumes and hearing from no one, I have decided to look for part time work. Although many retail stores put up recruitment posters outside their stores, they don't seem to be looking for staff. I have submitted 6 applications for part time job but they didn't call me. One was of the managers was very candid, he said: "If I call you by this Friday for an interview, that means you will most probably get the job. If not, we will not be considering your application."

Looking for part time job in Singapore is definitely much easier than in U.S.A. I always wonder is it because I am Chinese or am I not good enough for them. Jon said it was because U.S.A works on a very slow system. Even though companies put up recruitment poster ads and collect all applicants resume, they will not call for interview until the existing staff could not cope with the current workload.

Well, this it is truly frustrating to wait for someone to call you for interview. Cobwebs is beginning to spread throughout my body.  Oh, how long must I wait for someone to call me.

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