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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Crossing paths with old acquaintances

Jones Barbeque --- Yummy! Posted by Hello

Had lunch with Woan and Jasadee, as part of the invite by my boss. It was a pleasant lunch, at a rather nice restaurant called Coho(?).

However, dinner with Woan and Pheng was so much nicer, and cheaper too! Met up with them at my office building, and brought them over for a tour around my almost 100% done-up apartment. I also took the opportunity to pass them whatever that AG ordered.

Initially, we planned to bring them to the Malay Satay restaurant that we mentioned previously, but i thought it was rather stupid to bring them to a pseudo-asian place when i could actually show them some good old american food!

So.. we went to the Crossroads mall, and had a great meal with BBQ ribs, chicken and beef brisket from this great Jones Barbeque stall in the food court. I'm sure both of them will tell you how good the food is!

However, that's not all! A few more steps across the mall and we were at the Cold Stone Creamery shop. Here they have the richest and smoothest of ice cream and sobret that even Pheng wasn't able to resist!

Hope the two of them enjoyed this rather plain makan session with Sharon and myself.
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