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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
American TV
It has been three months since we arrived. We were initially very excited with the wide choice of TV programmes (more than 70 programmes). We can channel surf very minute and there is always something interesting to watch. After three months, I realised that American TV programmes are really trashy.

1) Jerry Springer
Single female parents have great difficulty in supporting their kids. Jerry Springer helps these parents to find their children's biological fathers. In doing so, the single female parents can fight for child support. In one instance, an Africa American claimed that X was her youngest son's father. The DNA test shown otherwise. The woman was embarrassed and white with fear. If X was not her youngest son's father, who fathered her child? The woman could not believe it. She hit X. The audiences love it. They love scandal, lies and violence. Welcome to America.

2)2004 American Poker Game
If gambling was bad, it certainly isn't so in America. In this sport, audiences are glued to the programme as they are anxious to know who will be kick out within the first ten minutes of the game. Most importantly, they want to know who has the guts to throw in more chips even though some of the players' cards are lousy. Gambling, you need alot of luck and guts to win the game. I will let you know how our luck fare when we visit Las Vegas.

3)VH1 - A2Z Britney Spears
You want to know how she became a pop princess, how many times she increase her boob size from A to B, B to C, C to D, D to DD and back to B. Is she a virgin? Is she or is she not getting married? Is Christina really her nemesis? All the sleaze can be found in VH1. Scandal and sex sell.

That's my two cents worth of American TV programmes.

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