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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
how i love united... (not the football club)
I don't know if i've jinxed myself with my last post, but after posting that from my phone on the plane, and thinking that I would be on my way, I dozed off....

Till abut 45 minutes later and finding out that the plane was still on the floor in Seatac.

Some mechanical problems which eventually took two hours to resolve, which also meant that I missed my connecting flight in chicago to Ottawa.

Nice. At least United was kind enough to house me in an airport hotel and the next available flight at 6am. Nice x 2.

Half slept till 4 am and back to the airport. Specifically requested the ground staff to verify that my checked luggage will be on the same flight, and of course they said yes.

Guess what... Finally in Ottawa and no luggage. It must have been the worst 90 mins flight ever.

So with no luggage, I checked into the hotel, and rushed to get some clothings and personal hygenie merchandise. I also bought an emergency phone charger that uses standard AA batteries to charge phones. I wonder how i'm going to get reimbursed on these expenses.

It's near midnight now and it's still on its way. Apparently, some of the other delegates for this conference are having the same issues too. Sigh..

Guess what too.... I was given yet another impossible itinerary out of Ottawa via Chicago t Puerto Rico. I'm already sure i'll miss the flight into PR. Just hope my luggage will be with me at the same time.

They reminds me of a group I work with, don't you think?
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