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Sunday, September 28, 2008
All night markets are the same
We went to richmond's night market in british columbia recently and we saw what was basically our standard street night market in Singapore.

A few stalls of cooked food, with varying standard, provided the visitors with a "protein" source.

A number of cell phone accessories stalls, which offers phone unlocking services, started the row of technology products of dubious origins and purposes.

Let's see.... We saw the usual vcd vendors (3-5 movies for 20 CAD), a few vendors that are peddling flash cards for the Nintendo DS handhelds, and two stalls that sells its services to convert your PSPs to runing custom firmware. They also see (presumably) fake memory cards at dirt cheap prices.

What was realy funny about this was that there was a poster near the exit to the restrooms and its main message was that counterfeiting/pirating hurts the Canadian economy.

It's like trying to sell a freezer to eskimos. Wrong target market.

At the end of it, I was almost able to put myself in our neighborhood night market in Singapore if I close my eyes for a minute or two.
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