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Monday, May 05, 2008
A charity effort from a friend..

Just catching up on my personal mails and saw an donation appeal from one of my high school buddies.

He and his fellow volunteers are trying to raise funds for primary school students in North-East Thailand.

Instead of paraphrasing his mail, i'm going to post snippets here:


We are trying to get some donation for some primary school students in North East Thailand, Si Saket. Please assist?

In the beginning, we actually wanted to buy 1 school bag and 1 set of text books for the under-privilege students.

We have talk and discuss with the teachers and Principals teaching in a few primary schools, they agree to assist us to identify who are the needy students. 

However, they comment that it will be a uphill task to provide textbooks as each schools uses different textbooks and each level (Primary 1 or 2 etc) uses different textbooks too. There will be many administrative work. Further, ours is not a on-going process, meaning, it may be a onetime donation  drive, try to make it simple.

We agree with them because we dare not commit that we will sponsor text books and school bags for next year (2009). We hope that we are able to sponsor next year, but subject to manpower issues, as all of us are volunteer, no allowance paid to us!

Hence, they recommend that we will buy school bag, stationery, and dictionary  for each student (preferably two types of dictionary: Thai language dictionary and Thai-English, English-Thai dictionary if there is enough money. This is because Thai-English, English-Thai dictionary is very expensive). The dictionary will allow them to use all the way to junior college. Money is more well spend.

If any of you are interested, please email me.


Yeah.. if there's anyone interested, please contact me and i'll forward his email address to you.

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