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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Finally... creation in our space..

It's been a long while, since May 2006, that the immediate group that i'm in had some tangible output since the service's rollout.

In fact, it took us almost a year ago to get (more like... we warned you ..) Ian to join me and Andrew in our group. He had an immediate project dumped to him by yours truly, but sad but amazingly true, that project is still in an constant lingering status. Oliver and Tjark... i feel embarrassed for us and and bad for your team. It was supposed to be a project for Ian to grab ownership of the service, but it has become a very good eye-opener for him. Oh well... something does come up good from this.

Back to Ian... he probably didn't expect it at that time, but he has a newborn baby coming into this world quicker than he was able to complete that immediate project.

Today, his wife and him brought Fiona, the newborn baby to our offices. She is an adorable baby, and sad but true, the first real product in this space that i'm in.

Congrats to Ian and his wife.

BTW... Andrew was so attracted by Fiona that he was constantly playing with the baby girl. We kept teasing him to start his family too!

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