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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Donkey Kong... and a documentary

I've bought a Donkey Kong t-shirt from the Nintendo store a few months ago, and i wore that yesterday to work. Remembering that i had to do some last minute DVD purchases for a good friend of mine, i went to the local Silver Platters store and was browsing around when one of the staff said.. "hey.. nice t-shirt", and then said "you probably would want to take a look at this DVD...".

It was indeed a very interesting documentary. A local (Redmond, Washington) guy that tried his best to go against an evil empire, and eventually won the trust and respect of almost everyone, except the then, and current, Donkey Kong record holder. Kind of mirrors my own experience here somewhat!

So, after getting the required DVDs, and went to the cashier. Another one of the staff started processing the movies, and suddenly he said.. "a guy with a Donkey Kong t-shirt buying The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.... of course!" and laughed. I joined in the laughter too.

That two small experiences are the reasons why you really need to support the local shops, and not just do your purchases in the megastores.

There were some controversies about how the documentary portray one of the main game players. Even from the first viewing, i realized some of his statements were probably taken out of context, but as a movie, it sure was entertaining!

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