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Monday, December 24, 2007
SG Huh Part 1: What's with the donuts?

Starting a series of observations that made me go "huh?", here's the first one.

Vince mentioned about it in when he was in Singapore for a short trip. I was first told about it by James to try out the newest and coolest fad (indeed!), the donuts from the Donut Factory. He also said that there are obviously many other me-too chains that are doing the donut business right now.

My first reaction was like.. "huh". Singaporean and donuts that are heavily sweetened do not create a linked impression in my mind, and i thought he was just joking about it.

Incidentally, the hotel that i was staying in Seoul for the conference, Seoul Plaza Hotel, has THREE Dunkin Donuts shops within 5 minutes of the hotel. If my personal record keeping was correct there, i think i saw more Dunkin Donuts shops than Starbucks in Seoul.

Anyway... when i first saw queues at the donut shop in the Raffles City shopping mall, i was flabbergasted! There were actually two separate queues; one directly in front of the shop/stall, while another one (about 50 meters away) had a longer queue waiting to join into the first queue!

Okay.. so i thought.. wow.. the donuts must be cheap. Nope they aren't! For about two to three dollars each per donut, these empty calories better be loaded with gold or something. Worse still, people were buying them in multiple boxes of 10s! Who's complaining about the GST increase and higher standards of living now huh?

Considering the fact that one of my colleagues here buy boxes of donuts and distribute for free and i never even take one, i couldn't stop laughing at the folks that were grabbing these donuts. Perhaps they loved the Simpsons' Movie?

Hmmm... donuts..

The shops are probably owned by the same owners of the slimming salons, what with their tons of ads on all the local papers and magazines.. but hey.. that's a topic for another huh coming up..

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