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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
The check's in the mail dude....

One of the highest rated and most talked about games right now (on both PC and 360) is also having some issues apparently. Talking about the 360, i miiiiiight eventually have to get hold of one just to experience these two lovely games, and then sell the console off after i completed the games. Probably wait till the launch of the games and see how it goes.

A snippet off a forum post from the game developer's site actually clearly describe the same-old, same-old issue now:

".... next big creation which is the holodeck. It only need a 1.5 battery and will out done the one you see in STTNG (Star Trek The Next Generation) I will even pay for shipping. If it doesn't work out of the box, don't worry"

The best part comes immediately:

"wait for a few centuries and I am sure it will be all patch up".

That's brilliant. The same thread actually has two even easier to understand examples:

"It's no different than selling a car that doesn't work and then telling the person who bought the car that it will be fixed in a few days or a few weeks."


"You go order a burger, turn out it is totally raw. Are you going to tell yourself " .. I am not going to complain because the cook may get mad. It is only a few dollars, I will put it under the sun and it will be fully cook in a few day."?"

It's obviously ...........

Well, if all else fails.. you know what you can do?

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