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Thursday, May 31, 2007
looking for clues in all the wrong places..
Now here's the bad "doctor" story.

My mother-in-law recommended a western doctor based in Potong Pasir that is famous for arthritis and other bone-related problems. Sharon and i took a cab one day and told the Malay cab driver the address, but he wasn't sure where it was. When we told him it was for a famous doctor, he immediately acknowledged that fact and that the doc was good.

Even while waiting in the common room, another patient told us that the doctor was good.

So with 3 "recommendations", you cannot help but have some high expectations of him (and his treatments).

When it was my turn, Sharon and I went in, and we told him about the pain and the areas where the pain are coming from.

He took my blood pressure, and then prescribed 5 different pills for me to take, with milk, as they would be a challenge to the gastric. Huh? Blood pressure? He never even touch nor look at the back at all.

We were totally stunned, especially myself! Imagine trying to treat someone's problem without even looking nor touching the correct area?!

He can be the reincarnated Hua Tuo, but if he doesn't even know what the problem is, and doesn't really try to do proper diagnosis, how the heck is he going to help me recover?

Why do i always bump into "experts" like this???

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