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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Snowy night and a icey day

We just had a huge snowpour (if there's such a word) last evening.

As i was prepping to go to the gym, i heard a loud thud, and the snow just started pouring down.

Within less than 15 mins, i think there was at least 2-3 inches of snow easily.

Larry did some shots here, and we got some photos ourselves too as we went down to our snow-filled car park and walked around in the snow.

A neighbour here was pretty inventive. He used some cardboxes to cover up his front windshield. That'd allow him to sweep the snow off in a sec.

Today, the roads are pretty much frozen, as the snow melted and freezed immediately in the near freezing temperature now. There is a city here that is having below zero degrees temperatures in Fahrenheit, as it got the snow+wind combo!

There is a big challenge to walk across the road to my office. The traffic light areas are very slippery and dirty. Yucky indeed.

One cool (pun intended) thing though is that because most vehicles were snowed in, we couldnt get to drive out to the gym.

Sometimes we do see folks that doubled park their cars, especially the ones with a brand new car with a temporary license on it. They should read what this funny note on the car says 8).

Parking is especially challenging at the start of the year in the gym. Folks with a new year resolution would suddenly appear in the gym, for a month or two, and then it'll be back to the regular folks again. It's the same old same old thing every year here.

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At 11:57 AM, Blogger lancerlord

The person who wrote that note has style. :)