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Thursday, November 23, 2006
Thanksgivings and away

Though i've relocated from Singapore to Seattle with Sharon almost three years ago, i've not have a single chance to spend Thanksgivings in USA at all.

The AVAR conference is usually held a week or two away from this holiday, and i've been spending some time each year back in Singapore, like now, away from USA.

So, i never get to experience the thrills of visiting friends and colleagues for Thanksgivings (i imagine it to be something like the Chinese New Year we have in Singapore), and i never get to do a Black Friday. Bummer.

At least from afar, i hope to do some online shopping on Cyber Monday, the online version of the Black Friday.

Cool.. let's see what i'll get.

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At 4:42 AM, Anonymous heather

hello! Came to your blog from someone elses. Sorry I violated your privacy just from clicking around. But nice stuff about seattle, I will check back again :)