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Sunday, November 05, 2006
Sabotaged By A Senior
In any working environment, there will be good guys, bad guys and victims, just like the movies. In my team, I have high esteemed of one senior staff. She has a wealth of knowledge and willing to teach new or old employees updates on the programs or process.

I was taught by her to create several documents and she has QCs my work. As a newcomer, one will not doubt her sincerity and interity in teaching me. One month later, SHE reported me to the director that I have messed up the documents which I have created and she has QCs. And SHE has to clear up the mess.

Was I shocked? YES! Was I angry? VERY ANGRY! Will I confront her? NO! So, my trainer was FURIOUS and explained to her boss and the director the situation. Was I asked to leave? NOT YET.

In a big team, I have to work well with all team members. I do not believe that I have worked with anyone in my past job and I am still unsure why I was sabotaged by this person.

My trainer consoled me that she has been sabotaged by the same person for ONE year but the management did not believe her. Ahh....The management needs another scapegoat to validate her concern.

After this fiasco, do I have a bad impression of this group? YES!!! Will I be keen to be a blue badge staff if the opportunity arises? YES!
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