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Friday, September 01, 2006

I meant to post this about 2 weeks ago... but somehow didnt get to do it? Blogger's problem perhaps.


Sharon and I went to the Northwest Trek wildlife park for a visit on Saturday. Just like last week, without much of a plan in mind, we drove about an hour plus before we reached the park.

The park has two major areas; an enclosed area and a free-roaming area where animals can freely live their lives in a very large park.

We started with a tram ride that would bring us through the free-roaming area, and before we started, a cantaloupe was there to greet us, sort of.

The first few minutes were a bit of a low-down, because the noon heat meant that a lot of the animals were hiding in the forest background. And then the experience that's worth the drive and the entrance fee.

Ready or not, here it comes!

Right in front of us was a huge bison. It was probably resting and munching some grass as it moved around by the side of the road. It was so close to us that we were literally a feet away from it.


The 55-minute tram ride continued on, and provided us views on lots of deers, elks, another herd of bisons, and caribous as well.

After the tram ride, Sharon and i went around the walking areas, where now we were the ones to walk around the enclosed animals, kinda like a typical zoo's display.

We were fortunate to be within the session of a real-life baby wolverine, and his trainer.

I always thought that Wolverine is just a character in X-Men comics, and not real-life animal. Nonetheless, this animal definitely doesnt behave like the X-Men Wolverine too.

Another cute animal that we saw was the badger, of which one of them was constantly moving around in circles in the enclosure.


One of the last areas we've visited was the Cheney Discovery centre, where i tried to lift up the horns. The horn probably weigh about 50-60 pounds, just like the ez-curl bars used in the gyms!

This is quite a nice place to spend a few hours away enjoying the wildlife and the sunshine of summer. It definitely helped to relax me in this troublesome time.

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