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Monday, September 18, 2006
He's doing fine Hooray
Took the opportunity of the visiting APOC folks to meet up with Teck and his family at his permanent house.

The Tan family is staying in a three (or two, depending if you do not want to count the garage level), and the apartment is in an enclosed and secured estate.

For the Singapore folks, i guess you can think of it a typical small-sized low-rise condomimium estate.

As we were driving towards his apartment, Sharon and I noticed that his two sons were riding their bicycles within the enclosed compound, with their neighbours/friends! Now that was a good sign.

When they first arrived, and understandably so, they were quite perturbed by the relocation and the lack of friends. Now they look like they're enjoying themselves, and according to Teck, the education system here is so relaxing that they are indeed enjoying their school life as well!

Teck's wife did some pretty good "Singapore curry chicken" and Jas came just in time to catch up with Miho, and the other APOC folks. Guessed they were pretty tired after a few hours of shopping at the premium outlet.

Teck looks like he has lost a lot of weight, and it's yet again understandably so. The relo and the initial stress management PLUS the constant travels must be taking a toll on him, but i'm sure he'll cope.

While the visitors and Teck and Jas were doing their APOC gathering around the curry chicken and white bread, i was playing with the 360 with a customized faceplate that had the phrase "I MADE THIS". Cool. Though i still haven't found a reason to get it. Perhaps Halo 3, that is, whenever it is to be released.

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