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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Observations On My New Co-workers
I am really impressed with some of my co-workers (blue badge holders). They really care for their team members and will pick up their slack willingly. I believe they know how to draw the line but their team spirit is IMPRESSIVE. The Senior Manager does not have to micro manage her team. Her team mates are very 'zi tong'.

I have learnt some things from the Senior Manager. She is patient, polite, friendly, passionate about her work and have no airs. She is able to lead her team very well. Whenever, she has interruptions from work, she will not frown and be most willingly to help anyone. Her people management skills is EXCELLENT.

My trainer is good too. She is patient, friendly and willingly to keep repeating the procedures until I get it in my head on how to use the tools and read data.
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