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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
I got myself a football team

After the world cup, or actually, when the world cup just started, i gotten myself the Pro Evolution Soccer 5 PC game, which is also known as Winning Eleven (9 or 7, depending on the region), and started myself a team in the fantasy Master League.

I've chosen AC Milan as my team, with a bunch of fantasy players.


The coolest part about this game is how real it really feels to be controlling the players. Each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses and the player have to remember their stats to be able to make sure of them fully.


Here's the usual formation that i play my team in, with Ordaz being my number one striker. He wasnt my number one choice at the beginning, but in the second season, he went through a patch where he scored at least 3 goals every game for 8 games,... and that's when i noticed him! He's the first individual to be confirmed on my first team.

In this game, you can also purchase the world famous players like Zidane *heehee*, Henry, Beckham etc, but i don't find controlling them of any challenge. The only real-life player in my squad Nigeria's Jay Jay Okocha, a player that i liked after his performances in the world cup a few editions ago.


Finally, here's a team photo just before an important match 8).

Yupe... anonymous, i'm finding no topics to write about as usual, but you can check out the new photos uploaded on flickr while i try to write more.

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At 8:49 AM, Blogger Level6

Nice little report there mate.

You should make some more, would be nice to know how your getting on with your ML.

I'm going to be doing a PES6 ML for PES6 (when it comes out)