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Thursday, June 22, 2006
the fat, skinny, stupid and slow
yes, i have to vent my frustrations. there are four persons who fall under this category in the bank

the fat - very fat. she claims to have over 10 years of banking experience but her work performance shows that she has very litte knowledge on banking regulations. she likes to nitpick on me because i do not give a damn about her.

the skinny - newcomer to the bank and the classic answer to the bank staff is 'you are asking me a question that i do not have the answer'. my reply 'it is an opportunity to escalate this question to your superior to get an answer'. his face turned red and was embarassed.

the stupid - ass kisser. she thinks she is intelligent and love to hang around with the bosses. very unimpressed with her

the slow - university graduate, so slow with his work, everyone at the branch hates him

welcome to my bank.
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At 7:57 AM, Blogger lancerlord

Feels the same at my side minus the skinny one. If you come to my company, you may feel like you never left your company. Same same. kekeke...