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Monday, April 17, 2006
soliciting business for the bank
my job responsibilities as a loans officer has certainly expanded. i am soliciting local businesses i.e. spa, drug store, coffeeshop etc to open accounts with the bank. i am not a relationship banker but i will go door-to-door selling the bank's products and services to local businesses.

the response from the local businesses has been lukewarm and my boss has mailed 16 welcome letters to local businesses located in the industrial area hoping that they will open accounts with us.

while i appreciate the kind efforts but i am totally put off by this mailing exercise. this is considered spam mail, who will respond to the letters.

local businesses open accounts with the bank as we have established a relationship with them. they know the bank's location and believe that having an account with the bank will assist them in their banking needs.

while i believe that approaching local businesses to open accounts with the bank is good, we have to re-evaluate the approach.
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