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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Change request for something wrongly designed?
Let's say that you asked for a car with the following features:

- you can drive around with it
- allow you to have multiple passengers
- shows you information about the vehicle
- multiple doors that can be opened

and your car manufacture comes back with something that has:

- max speed of 10 km/hr
- information about the vehicle are shown in zeros and ones ... instead of showing you the speed, for example : 10 km/h, it shows it as 1010 km/h when the 1010 is in binary format
- the information is constantly refreshed and displayed all around the vehicle
- doors that can be opened are in smaller openings. Instead of 4 doors, you get 1000 small door-lets that you have to open to allow a human being to get in.

Of course, you'll complain about the design. What happens is that your car manufacturer will come back and say:

- well... you CAN Drive in it... you never specify that it has to be fast!
- you say you want information... you never say you need it to be in a human readable manner
- you want doors, we give you doors... you never say that it needs to be of an acceptable or regular size. You can use the doors for passengers than only the smallest sized passengers. You can ask your passengers to lose weight!

So what would you do if you're in this scenario? 8)
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At 2:39 AM, Blogger Tempest Blue

haha... being the push-over that I am, if I were the one requesting the car, I'd acknowledge that it was my fault the manufacturer didn't design what I envisioned.

THEN, I'd proceed to give them a 50 page detailed explanation of exactly what I want. Right down to the exact size, dimensions and brand of the wingnut used.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger sharon