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Thursday, March 02, 2006
my job sucks!
i really don't know what my boss, R wants. when i follow her instructions to complete a task, she insists that i have done it incorrectly. i pointed out to her i followed her instructions to complete the task. if the task is not done to her satisfaction, that is her problem.

lately, she has been demanding higher expectations from her staff. i have no problem with higher expectations but i have a problem with unrealistic goals. i told her she can set unrealistic goals but i know i will never meet them. the goals do not challenge or inspire me. i simply could not be bothered with her goals.

great, if i can meet them, if i cannot meet the goals i want it in record that i have informed her about this. if she is not happy about this, a) complain to her boss or b) fire me.

i understand being a branch supervisor you need to set goals. however, please be realistic in setting achievable goals. if you are under pressure from the management and want to pass on the stress to your staff, i think she has to re-think about it.

at present, no one in the branch is happy with her. i am tolerating her as i am actively seeking a better job. i do not want to give her the satisfaction that as a non resident alien, i can only find a job in this bank.

i will definitely prove to her that i can find a better job.
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At 3:44 PM, Blogger singaporegrrl

Good luck with the job search, dear!