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Saturday, March 18, 2006
behave oh behave!
lately i have been very snappy to bank customers. how can i do that? they are the bank's cash cows and they pay my salary.

the customers' endless nonsensical questions drive me up the wall. they are worried about the process of the transactions rather than the goal. no matter how many times i try to reassure them it does not help. i wonder are they plain stupid or they simply refuse to accept the replies given.

customer 1
she understands how the credit system or creidt history works in usa but she questions the credit system matrix. is this pure stubborness or simply an act of defiance against the system. each individual credit bureau set the credit system matrix, if you are unsure or dissatisfied with the system, please contact the credit bureaus.

my replies:
please attend the credit seminar organise by the bank to understand the credit system matrix

customer 2
she wants me to notarize on her legal document. as there is no notary language on the document i was not able to assist her. she was very mad.

my replies:
this document is prepared by a lawyer in another country. each country has its rules and regulations on notary. similarly, in washington state it has its rules on notary. what is applicable/permissible in one country may not be applicable or permissible to another country. to assist you on notary, please select the notary languge in this binder.

i try my best to assist them by explaining the procedure or regulations in a calm manner. however, customer will only want to hear what they want to hear and will tune out the other information.

i cannot control them i can only control my actions.
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