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Saturday, February 25, 2006
yupe i'm a nintendo fanboy
With the gameboy advance that Sharon bought, i totally got back into real gaming! Hooray. Sharon always get me the bestest of presents. 8)

It loads games instantly, have tons of great games, and with the flash cart, i can have tons of games within the portable console. Colecovision, Spectrum, NES, Gameboy/Color, Sega Master System games etc... all within 1 cartridge.

i could easily have one full round of Mario Karts in the time it takes a PSP to load this WWE game.

Think about a PSP? No way.

I think i totally agree with their vision on the gaming console now. I want a console that plays games, it doesnt do much online, doesnt play DVDs and ya cant cook an omlette on the power cable (hehe.. like a certain console that was released recently).

As for current games on PS2/PSP and Xbox/360, i see that the current gaming industry has lost all its innovation and creativity and has just been releasing crappy games just because they are sure to make their investment money back. Of course they should profit, but if the companies are going to suck as much as they currently are, they might as well go out of business and have their place filled with people who care about what the gamers want...

Just look at the two Wario Ware games on the GBA. I dont think a game like this can be RTM on a PS2/Xbox console. These are just too way out and risky, and only Nintendo would dare to do it, and make them great too. These two games just keep on making me laugh at my failures within the games... not too often you can say that in games that just frustates you to no end (like loading........... forever......)
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