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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Yet another team building exercise
On Wednesday, most of the folks under my boss' org and a few from Jason's org went to an offsite at Whidbey Island for an "Empowerment" training, with the main goal of the training to allow us to work better with one another for the benefit of the company.

This training reminds me of the last team training event that we had as APOC RDM (remember that acronym? 8]). A few exercises that range from showing how a team would be better than a group of individuals, how each other appreciates/hates one another, what one should do more etc.

In fact, this is almost exactly like that training. At least there's no upcoming :reorg: as a result of this. I'm almost certain about that.

The real benefit from this is a session with our boss, where we practically tore into some of the common issues within our groups.

Though this training was, in reality, an exercise in futility for the older folks, (i consider any folks that are around pre-E3 as old), it helps the newcomers to at least establish some communications with the others.

Why did i say so? It was really surprising that the event known as E3 still lingers in the minds of many. I'd thought that most of them would have forgotten about it, but no... a few snickers came about as we talked about the current drought of resources to handle the numerous huge projects that the group as a whole is taking on.

My take out of this exercise is to establish a wiki or an unofficial discussion forum where the teams under my boss can start to share experiences and knowledge. There are just so many ways that we all can improve with one another.

The meals for the training were really good. All food was made with fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown locally at the site. The whole building is made of wood that was cut off the forest that it's occupying, so everything's organic and natural.

The absolute best thing out of this is the reminder that the mid-year review is up by today, and the manager's feedbacks too.. and i gotta do two since i transitioned to Gary after that reorg.
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