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Saturday, February 25, 2006
women and babies
i have been working in washington state for over one year. i have seen two female co-workers gave up their career to look after their children.

i wonder which is more important - family or career? jon and i have been married for over eight years. before we were married we have decided not to have children as we are two overgrown kids. eight years have passed and we have never regretted our decision.

our friends felt that we will definitely have children since we both love children. hmmm...we love our grandtwins - tony and tracy very much. we adore babies but i don't think we have the longing to have our own children.

back to my female co-workers. one of them need to give up her job as the doctor advised her to have bed rest throughout her pregnancy. she has since given birth to a healthy baby! she was sad to leave her job but she is so happy that her baby is healthy. i am very happy for her too. she feels that family is more important than her job as she cannot bear to leave her baby for more than one hour.

the other co-worker suffered a miscarriage. she has two kids and has hoped that her third child will be a girl. she was so sad that she has to abort her baby due to her her poor health. she left her job to recuperate. she wanted so much to stay on her job but she could not handle having two active toddlers and her poor health.

i hope my former co-workers will enjoy their family bliss forever!
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