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Sunday, February 26, 2006
moving forwards towards bozo explosion
Guy Kawasaki wrote a great post on a list of observations that give indications whether a company/department/etc is moving towards bozo explosion. Scoble added a few more on his blog as well, and i can see from the comments on both posts that more will be coming soon.

Any ideas whether these two will be dugg soon?

Let me add a few more of my own, but on a lower granular level (dept level):
  • (referencing Scoble's #15) If you're a admin of a system, and you spend more time in project meetings than managing the system, you might be in a bozo explosion.
  • If you have a project codename that no one really understands, you might be in a bozo explosion.
  • If a codename can be a system, a process, and an idea, you might be in a bozo explosion.
  • If the voice of the customers do not know the system, and yet try to agree to everything (on all sides), you might be in a bozo explosion.
  • If your dept has new hires and no computers ready for them to use, you might be in a bozo explosion.
  • If your dept has 11 new hires and all office are already double/tripled occupied, you might be in a bozo explosion.
  • If your project has 6 project managers that do not talk to one another, you might be in a bozo explosion.
  • And of course, if your organization lays off a number of people, and rehire even more people 8 months after to replace the lai, you might be in a bozo explosion.
Any more?
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