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Friday, January 20, 2006
changes in the bank and my job responsibilities
i was told that the bank is gradually changing its policy on recruitment and staff evaluation. in the past, the bank is not pushing the staff to be sales oriented. now, the bank will be forcing staff to generate more sales i.e. deposits and loans for the institution. if you are not able to generate sales for the bank, you are fired.

this change does not affect me. why? the sole purpose of a bank is to earn money. i wonder why it has taken the bank so long to enforce this rule to the staff on generating more sales for the company. no sales = no increase in salary. this is a simple logic.

anyway, i have been tasked to do a bit of business development for the branch. i don't mind the extra work as i am constantly bored at the branch. i have also been tasked to develop a training checklist and program for new recruits. in summary, here's my job title:

loans officer/trainer/business development

will i get an increase in salary? i'm not sure but R did mention that she will adjust my salary. action speaks louder than words. we'll see.

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