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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
medical insurance sucks!
as you are aware that the medical payment system in usa differs from singapore.

in usa, your employer will pay either 100% of your medical bills which is usually inflated by doctors or it will be a co-pay system. in a co-pay system, the employee will pay either 10% to 20% of the medical bills while the employer pays 80% to 90%.

i have two medical provider i.e. i have two companies paying for my medical bills. one - my bank, which is a co-pay system and two - jon's company.

i have a very bad experience with my company's medical provider. i gave up talking to the customer service staff. they are either extremely unhelpful or extremely bo chap with your situation. no matter how many times i called and explained my situation, their tone of reply is always it is not our business.

today, i called jon's company medical provider. i have been calling them for 3 times for the past 3 times. each time i call, i was given different information. i was so angry, i raised my voice and kept asking the customer service staff why was i given different information all the time. and i asked would she be giving me the last most updated information i have and i will not have to call again for clarification later.

the customer service staff said i was talking to her in a condescending tone. i told her to record this conversation, let all her co-workers listen to our conversation and let me know what they think. i told her i thought customers are always right. well, i think in her company, they certainly do not think this way. instead of solving the issue, the staff is defensive and unsympathatic. she certainly works in a very unique company.
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At 2:36 PM, Blogger singaporegrrl

That sucks, but is very typical. The whole system is so screwed up here.


At 9:52 PM, Blogger sharon

yes it is. very tired of fighting or talking to them. it is a waste my time and my youth.