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Sunday, November 13, 2005
counting down to a break
After the AVAR conference, i'll be heading back to Singapore for a break. It's been a long while since i took a break and i definitely need this one.

Some colleagues here asked me why i'm taking it during this timeframe. Well.. a few reasons:

- It coincidences with Singapore's Primary School holidays, which is good since my parents manage a drinks stall in a primary school
- It coincidences with the Thanksgiving holidays here. Typically, the weeks prior and after Thanksgivings are practically a dead-town in terms of people and workload.
- Andrew is here backing me up! With him around, and after 4-5 months of learning the ropes, it's time for him to swim. At least i didnt do a sink or swim when he started.
- Fatigue from the 2-year long project. I'm dead tired on the constant ongoings with this project. Since this is also the time when the devs are actually coding and no meetings are required, it give me time to rest and come back with energy! I actually told my boss in the last 1:1 for the year that i totally ran out of juice and needed a break, and he agreed.
- It is also very nice of the project time to actually coordinate their dev/test schedule to my break. The second day that i get back to Redmond, i'll be deep diving into system testing with the testers! Hooray. *Not*
- It is also very nice of the airlines to give me a ticket to Singapore that costs the company lesser than it is to just go to Tianjin and back. Again... no ideas why that is the case, but i'll take all the bargains that i can get.

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