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Thursday, November 03, 2005
bipolar depression
jon and i went to see our regular doctor in redmond. i kinda gatecrash the doctor's office as i did not make the appointment.

i mentioned to him that i have been sleepless for the past few months. the doctor said that i may have bipolar depression. symptons of bipolar depression include:

a) stress
b) depression
c) lots of energy
d) angry
e) withdrawn
f) tired

i don't have those symptons on a long stretch. i have those symptons occasionally when i do not meet expectations at work.

the doctor advised me to take some medication to control bipolar depression. i don't believe in taking medication to control it. i don't want to be dependent on medicaton all my life. i believe in controlling it myself.

jon feels that he has bipolar depression because he is constantly tired and feels withdrawn. i think he is mad. i think he is tired due to work and strenuous work out in the gym.

click here for more information on bipolar depression
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At 2:34 PM, Blogger Jonathan

Commenting on my own blog: haha.

Features of a Depressive Episode
Persistent sad, anxious, or empty mood - check
Loss of pleasure in usual activities - check
Decreased energy -check
Loss of memory or concentration - check
Irritability or restlessness - check
Loss of or increase in appetite - check

Features of a Manic Episode
Excessive "high" or euphoric feelings - check
Increased energy, activity, rapid talking & thinking, agitation - check
Decreased sleep - check
Provocative or obnoxious behavior - check

wah.. it's getting more and more likely that i have it.