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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
this place sucks (somewhat)
the hotel is a few blocks away from anything, costs a head and a leg to get any food, and nothing is good! My TV remote doesn't work, the room toilet flush doesn't work, and the ice dispenser and drinks vending machine doesnt work either. Not sure what i'm paying 150 euros per night for.

Worst of all, i cant do any forms of VOIP chat with Sharon. Skype can get the calls through, but get disconnected within 10 seconds. MSN Messenger showed a "your network provider doesn't provide voice chat blahblahblah". GoogleTalk cant even connect.

ok... maybe i'm just exaggerating. This is actually one of the best Virus Bulletin ever in terms of the presentations, freebies (which i'll talk about later), and the socializing.

I guess attending a few more of these make me a 'regular' face in this rather closed group of guys and gals. That's probably required as these folks are handling dangerous bits, and need a level of trust before they can do anything with you.

after the first of the conference reception drinking session, some of us went out searching for food. I think it was about 23 of us altogether.. Tried Cooper's, but that place was practically full. 4-5 stayed there, while the rest just continued on.. looking for food.

Another restaurant, with a signboard R staurant (e was dimmed out), was shocked at the 17 of us, and denied us entry. Too bad... 300+ euros just flew out of their coffers tonight.

Eventually, we went into an Indian restaurant. Not surprisingly, it is always down to an Asian business to take in whatever it can, and welcomed us in.

Hot Chicken Chilli Masala

The only surprising thing was that when they say their curry is hot, it IS HOT!
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