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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Schizophrenic behaviour
Sharon says i'm a big lazy bum at home. I agree.

Every day after work, when i get home, i typically will lie down on the sofa and coast away.... hehe... too tired... Especially if i did a workout that day too!

At work, i'm super-siao-on, on the system that i own, which is now 80+ computers and going to be 200+ soon. I constantly, really constantly, look and monitor the systems, and do constant touch-ups here and there and everywhere.

If i see something wrong in any one of the jobs in my system, i'd make sure i get them resolved asap.....

That caused problems in the past, when my first action is to escalate my concerns about my team members (if they do not react as timely as i do) to my managers. If you're one of those that got into my line-of-sight in my years of employment, oops.. so sorry hor.

Now... i gave a direct 1:1 talk. 8) Will that work? I dont know...

Let's see.

If my team member take up the chance of doubling up the room with me, that might give me more insight into his pace and attentiveness to my system, and how that expectations can be tweaked.
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At 9:48 PM, Blogger sharon

yah lor. every night come back home like a dead log. i must cook, wash and serve the king food.