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Saturday, July 02, 2005
Shopping as Grand-uncle and Grand-Aunt
This weekend is the July 4th holiday week, and we'll be having a long weekend. It's been a while since we have a public holiday here.

So after we've finished our workouts at the gym and had our dinner, we decided to go to the Fred Meyer store to shop for some infants' stuffs for our grand-nephew and grand-niece.

I found out that it's hard (and fun) to buy children stuffs, as they are expensive, colorful, of more sizes than i can imagine, and more expensive!

After some browsing and shopping, we've decided to get all these:

A set of clothing for Tony, with a cute bear saying that his favourite sport is soccer!

Another set of clothing for Tony, which is a bundle of 5 jumpsuits. They look cute, isn't it?

Sharon chose Tracy's stuffs, and this is the set of clothing for Tracy;

And another set of jumpsuits for Tracy,

and finally, we both chose these cooling vibrating teething gadgets for both of them!
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