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Thursday, June 16, 2005
sunset boulevard a reality movie
jon and i watched the sunset boulevard last night. i thought it was a romantic story i.e. two star cross lovers who are not fated to be together. no, that is not the story.

the story is about a hollywood has-been movie actress who is lonely and insanely in love with fame and craves attention. she hired a young and not-so-promising screenwriter to be her ghost scriptwriter. she tries so hard to get back to the movie scene and sent her poorly written script to paramount.

but no one wants her. when she receives a call from paramount, she thought they like her script. they didn't. they wanted to rent her car for a movie. meanwhile, her screenwriter cum toy boy found a girl that he loves.

i think the storyline sounds similar in the present hollywood scene. actors and actresses who have reached the peak of their careers will try to re-invent themselves, playing bits parts in sitcoms, movies or adult movies just to be back in the limelight. they crave fame, attention and have to belong in the 'IT GROUP'. life is so sad for these people.
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At 1:35 PM, Blogger Jonathan

This movie actually won quite a lot of awards.

1951 Academy Award: Best Writing
1951 Academy Award: Best Art Direction Black and White
1951 Academy Award: Best Music Score
1951 Academy Award: Best Actor nominee: William Holden
1951 Academy Award: Best Supporting Actor nominee: Erich von Stroheim
1951 Academy Award: Best Director nominee: Billy Wilder
1951 Academy Award: Best Cinematography Black and White nominee
1951 Academy Award: Best Picture nominee
1951 Academy Award: Best Film Editing nominee
1951 Academy Award: Best Actress nominee: Gloria