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Thursday, June 30, 2005
freaky thursday

i could not wake up. i felt so groggy and sleepy, i left a voicemail message with my boss, R and one of my co-workers that i would come in later.


tried to contact R in office but she put me on hold. i was incoherent and told her that i would come in at 2pm


arrived in office and R told me that C who was supposed to open the branch in the morning left her keys in the office and had to wait for other co-workers to arrive before opening the branch.

R was late for work as her cellphone cum alarm clock was not set off. We knew who kept C's keys but we wanted her to realise her mistake i.e. not to leave things lying around. R was in the loop too. But our co-workers thought that we were out to play a prank on C. we were not.


two customers came to the branch to redeem their savings bonds i.e. cash out of the bonds. i worked with them from 4.30pm to 7pm. i need to redeem 24 savings bonds. each savings bond require me to stamp on the front and back, fill in some information, update the system, microfilm the bonds. that was really hard work!


in the midst of helping the customers, the coin machine gave us problems. the coin machine allows customers to dump coins in the machine and calculate the exact amount of coins by giving a receipt to the customers. i tried to help my co-workers to re-set the coin machine. unknowingly, i cleared the transaction and the amount disappeared. i have a good idea of the amount and so does the customer. my co-workers managed to help him to deposit the 'receipt' and cash out $1,000.


R was hopping mad that the the coin machine balance print out showed a shortage of $1,000. i explained the situation but i was too busy working on the savings bonds to help her. a few of my co-workers tried to help. they finally managed to balance the transaction at 7pm.

what a day!
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