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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
I do not like Multiply (among others)

This is why i do not like Multiply. Look at the text on the grey box. "To see exclusive content that Shau has posted for her friends and family - or to start your own web page like this one - join Multiply (free registration)."

Rather than forcing people to sign up (and getting and making use of their data), they should just have open access to everyone for all content.

The other sites that i really do not like is sites like Bebo, Ringo, Plaxo. They are all in the same vein, in that you provide your private contact info to them, so that you can easily share such data with your friends that you invited into the sites as well. Now why would i want to give my data to THEM to provide to my friends and families in a easier to manage manner?

If my friends or families are not bothered to even keep track of my contact information on their own, then i do not bother to care for them too.
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At 2:56 PM, Blogger Stacy Martin

Only speaking for Plaxo, the idea behind our service is to make the normally manual, time consuming, and error prone task of updating contact information easier for people. If you think about it, there are really two parts to this problem that Plaxo is unique in addressing.

First, there is notifying people when our own information changes. You have to know whom you wish to update, and hope that you have their latest information in order to keep them updated.

If your old college roommate forgot to send his new email address when he changed ISPs, or if you somehow forgot to manually enter in the his new information, you'll have no easy way of reaching him and as a result, you may quickly lose touch.

Plaxo helps to simplify and automate this manual and error prone process. We make it easy for you to pick who you wish to stay in touch with and update them with your latest information. In addition, if the contact in turn, updates you, these responses are automatically updated into your address book.

There is even the potential for two Plaxo members to connect with each other making manual updates and notifications a thing of the past. Connected members can use Plaxo to automatically update their own address books anytime one of the connected memberchanges their information. As more of your contacts become connect with you, your address book becomes self-updating and always accurate.

While this might not change your opinion on the service, I hope this helps explain a bit of how Plaxo works.

Stacy Martin
Plaxo Privacy Officer
privacy @t plaxo.com