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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
back to my boss again
after almost 4 months of working with the young boss, no one seems to like her. she claims that she is knowledgeable in banking products and services but when she is put to the test, she failed.

as i was the youngest loan officer in the bank, she always turn to me to question my knowledge on banking products and services. being a lao qiao in the working industry, i will always play along with her game. she will nitpick on my explanation and when i question her understanding on the products, she kept quiet.

yesterday, she berated me for not informing customers on credit card disability insurance.

my thoughts :

a) i am not an insurance agent, i do not have the full knowledge on how to explain to customers on this. what if i miss out important information, i could be sued for negligence as i did not exercise due diligence.

b) i believe that only a licenced insurance agent has the knowledge and competence to explain to customers clearly on insurance.

c) young boss only know some information on insurance business although she always claim that she is a licenced agent

i was annoyed with her but as she is the boss, i have to let her win. one must always know who is your pay master. the discussion was later changed to loan products. i mentioned that if she wants to know more about loan products, she could try to complete the loan transaction on her own.

in her words "oh, i am not ready to take on the loan transaction, i would like to watch how you guys do it". hmmm...the boss is always ready to berate staff for not promoting banking products to customers but the boss is not ready to take on loan transactions.

later the day, she asked the senior loan officers on the disability insurance. i could feel the resentment in the air amongst the seniors. two of them rolled their eyes while young boss was not watching.

i really pity the young boss. she is incompetent and living in denial that she is doing well in her job.

i find the whole situation very amusing, i can only shake my head and laugh heartedly at my stupid boss.
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