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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
One:One with the boss' boss
Just had a one:one with the boss' boss, and shared (more like poured) all my concerns about how some of the ongoing projects are going, issues about improving knowledge sharing and communication, and some other issues here and there.

The One: One session came perhaps as a result of feedback to his boss' all hands. I gave very "chim" feedback, and got an S+ within an hour!

Since the invite, i've prepared quite a lot of notes, and slowly prune out the ones that i dont think he need to know.

First we talked actually about my boss. As mentioned before, i think he's great. Very hands-on (perhaps too much), care for your career, awareness about ongonig projects etc.

Then feedback about the groups, from the very immediate group onwards to his level, to his boss' level, to his boss' boss level etc... to that MB.

i think he was quite overwhelmed with the feedback from me. My notes on the laptop was more than two screenfuls, AFTER the pruning. haha.

At each level, i gave specific feedback, and he took down all the notes.

He mentioned that there's a commonality to the feedback he's gathered, which is good in a way, and bad in that at their level, they didn't realise it was present.

He also said that he needs to escalate a few of my concerns upwards immediately, as it impacts the new projects that are coming our way.

Hopefully, some good use will come out of it.

Oh.... i got a One: One with the boss' boss' boss like 1/2 half hour invite after this one.
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At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

Wah, our fren going places man! *patonback!*