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Monday, November 15, 2004
first usa pay cheque
today i received my first pay cheque after working in the bank for more than 3 weeks. very excited! but the amount is very miserable because i work part time. my income tax is about 16% and the government will deduct the money from my pay cheque immediately.

the income tax deduction works like cpf deduction. it is so sad to see my $$$ gone so quickly. the bank pays me on a bi-weekly basis. that's a very terrible concept. as long as there is $$$ in my account, i can't wait to spend it.

i am so glad i can use my pay to shop and send $$$ to my mother. so far, work has been alright. my co-workers are always supportive and ready to help. it's so surreal. i have never work in an organization that colleagues are readily available to help others.

is it true that the american working culture is better than singapore. kinda hard to believe.
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