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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
eating disorder
every teenage girl wants to look slim and beautiful. who doesn't? however in usa, teenagers are bombarded by media, billboard advertisements and peer pressure to look slim and good.

in seattle's times today, one teenager is suffering from eating disorder. she is not aware of this as she thought she was being health conscious. she is very active in sports and work out regularly. she love gourmet magazines and will spend hours poring over various food magazines looking at the delicious food.

one day, she stopped taking her meals regularly. her parents panicked and sent her to a psychiatrist. the psychiatrist assured her parents that her daughter was fine. but she wasn't. at the last resort, she was sent to an eating disorder clinic. thank god, she was sent to the clinic in time, if not she would have died.

imagine, how devastated her parents will be if she dies. is being skinny worth it? is extremely dieting really necessary so that you will look good?

i will defintely not suffer from eating disorder. i love food too much. i eat chocolates, fried chicken, pasta, fried toufu, curry and other decadent food. but, all in moderation.

enjoy life not kill it.
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