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Thursday, October 07, 2004
We spackle in process to make up for the gaps in intellectual progress.
Someone wrote this title in a mail to me recently.

Is this a quote from someone, somewhere?

Saw it in a unknown Microsoft Employee's blog.

What does it mean?

My take on it is that there are groups of people that are using "documented process" and "roles and responsiblities" to make up for the lack of intellectual fortitude.

Chim or not?

Simplifying it even further, it means that people are using processes as a way to cover their stupidity.

We are in such a big group that we lose our flexibility and response times to issues, threats and opportunities. Oftentimes, we go into multi-tiered structure, which either distance the customers from the true decision makers, or make it so inter-deparmentally dependent that no one will need to take up the slack if things do get missed.

Even a simple thing like shipping can be turned into a process. Perhaps even going to the pantry for a can of coke too, in the future.
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