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Saturday, October 09, 2004
jade guild club
there are alot of community clubs, women's clubs, teenages' clubs, childrens' club in seattle and within the country. today, barbara and i met up with her friend linda from boeing to attend jade guild club tea party.

i thought it would be a formal meeting but it was really casual. i was mingling with ladies who were about my mom's age. they were decisive, determined and had lots of passion in driving charity fund raising programs. one of the programs was buying dinner voucher for $25 and the proceeds will be given to a community to build a chinatown gateway. it's the same gateway as vancouver, canada.

i don't understand why they are so dogmatic to build a gateway, who's going to notice or care whether seattle chinatown has a gateway or not. but the ladies obviously do. being american born chinese, they want to build a chinese identity within chinatown. the gateway symbolizes the entrance to chinese community.

i was amazed their passion and determination to drive any charity campaign. they are not paid to the job. yes, they maybe retired and looking for work to pass time but you seldom see a group of gungho senior ladies so energized and active in their work.

the club invited a well known doctor to share with the members and guests on "why doctors lied to patients". it was indeed informative and enlightened me on how to sieve out good and bad doctors. i shared with jon and we both agreed that while it was wrong for doctors to keep prescribing expensive or unnecessary medicine or repeatedly ask patients to see them for regular check-up, the system is so messed up, even politicans cannot correct it.

as i mention before in the blog, always learn to self-medicate. learn adequate medical knowledge so that doctors cannot fool you.

it was certainly an afternoon well spent with the senior ladies and my young friends.
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