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Friday, October 22, 2004
i have a job
hurray! i finally have a job. yep, it takes me more than 4 months to find a job. although i have found a part time job, i am still very happy and excited about it.

the hr manager called me at 9.30am this morning to tell me the good news. i thought jon was calling me. i love the working hours. mon, tue, fri - 11am to 4pm, sat 9.45am to 4pm. so what, if i have to work on sat. i have been staying at home for too long. weekdays and weekends seem the same to me. now, i'm on a shopping spree!

my other hurdle is to pass my driving test. i have to pass. i need to pass. i am so desperate to have a driving license. it is a stigma not to have a license. it's a sin not to have a license. a laughing stock amongst friends and families. very shameful.
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