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Monday, October 18, 2004
Charity Work
As the corporate office is heavily promoting the Give campaign, the Ops teams are also having a challenge of their own.

Last weekend, Sharon and I started our preparations on something that we actually planned to do when we first came here.

The 25" TV is still lying at one corner, waiting to be picked up. After the weekend's clearance, we have these items that we are going to donate to charity:

1 big suitcase
11 pairs of jeans/pants
2 belts
2 pairs of shorts
33 shirts/t-shirts
2 bags
1 25" Color TV
1 point and shoot camera

I'm also going to place some of my older books up on ebay for auctions. If i can get some $$ out of it, i'll use it towards my xbox console fun(d). If not, then i'll donate them to the charity at a later time.

The charity that we're going use is most probably the Salvation Army USA, as they have a pick-up service. I'll need them to help carry the TV and suitcase down the stairs! I'll check with the nearby Children's Hospital thrift store as well.

PS: this was our 200th post! Hooray
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